Returning Products

  • When returning our product, it must be kept in good condition. If possible, please keep the packaging and labels in tact to the product

  • Any products purchased at Sisland via our website, there will be 7 days allowed for returning the product. 

  • All products purchased at our retail store must be returned in person at the store.


Non-returnable products

  • In order to protect the rights and interests of each customer, the following circumstances or products will not accepted for return:

  • The product has exceeded the designated delivery period for 7 days.

  • The product has been opened or has been used (for example: packaging tape, the box has been torn off and opened).

  • The product has not been properly packaged, has been damaged, or some parts missing.

  • Any discounted products, clearance products, or special sale products are not acceptable for returning.

  • Failed to provide a valid invoice issued by Sisland.

  • Any free gifts, accessories and gifts.

  • If the customer receives the goods or the quantity of the goods does not match the order, you can notify the shop within 7 days, and we will verify the order.
    If it is found that this is caused by our company's error, we will consider arranging free replacement of the goods and be responsible for the return shipping.


Please note

The customer can only return the products once under the same invoice.

**The 5% handling fee paid by the customer during shopping is charged to PAYPAL or the credit card company, and is not an additional charge by the store. Therefore, the refund is based on the actual refund amount**

Transaction complete

The general customer does not have any application for return or exchange of goods within 7 working days, which means that the goods transaction has been completed.

Sisland does not have to bear any legal responsibilities, and will not arrange any replacement of goods or refunds afterwards.


  • The company does not assume any responsibility and does not provide replacement services for the quality of the gifts and samples provided by the company.

  • In addition, the company will not take any responsibility for any problems caused by incorrect or improper use of the product.


The company reserves the right to suspend, change or cancel all offers or revise its terms and conditions without prior notice.
In case of any dispute, Sisland reserves the right to make the final decision.